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IAgrE Photography Competition 2018

Institution of Agricultural Engineers at Eighty
Photography Competition

Agritech in Action


The march of technology in agriculture is amazing!

To celebrate eighty years of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE), we invite members, photographers and our friends to submit photographs depicting Agritech in Action. We are looking for entries which showcase the exciting world of agricultural technology in action with a £250 prize for the winning entry.

Whether your entry shows closeup detail of machinery at work or the wider landscape in which it works, we look forward to your entries.

All entries will be judged by a member of the Royal Photographic Society with the post nominal distinction of LRPS, ARPS or FRPS


Terms and Conditions

  1. All entries must be sent by email (if the files are large via a file sharing service such as WeTransfer) to [email protected]
  2. Individual may submit up to three images.
  3. The closing date is 30 September 2018.
  4. IAgrE will acknowledge safe receipt of all entries by email.
  5. By entering this competition, you will permit IAgrE to use your image for publicity purposes whether you are a winner or not.
  6. You give permission for your images to be used by IAgrE in displays, pop-up banners, the website , on calendars, and in Landwards
  7. You will not receive any feedback on the quality, composition or post camera editing of your submitted image.
  8. IAgrE will not share your image with third parties without your permission.
  9. Whenever IAgrE uses your image on its website or in its members journal, you will be credited accordingly.
  10. By entering this competition, you confirm that you are not submitting any material:
    - for which you have not obtained all necessary consents;
    - that is discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, liable to incite racial hatred, in breach of confidentiality or privacy, which may cause annoyance or - inconvenience to others, which encourages or constitutes conduct that would be deemed a criminal offence, give rise to a civil liability, or otherwise is contrary to the law in the United Kingdom;
    - which is harmful in nature including, and without limitation, computer viruses, Trojan horses, corrupted data, or other potentially harmful software or data.
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